From modest beginnings in 1994, ‘Medha’ has transformed into a centre of excellence for overall Personality Development under the dynamic leadership of Dr. A. Chiranjeevi. Medha has an enviable track record of successfully training a majority of aspiring victors from various walks of life for the past 22 years. Its innovating teaching methods, learner friendly exercises made ‘Medha’ a different institute from the rest of its kind.

The institute functions with the sole aim of providing high-quality English instruction. The institute has been at the forefront of personal training, imparting able and efficient guidance in Spoken English, Soft Skills and Personality Development. Equipped with the state-of-the-art facilities, the institute trains students to overcome stage fright and corrects their body language through proper training. The programs offered by the institute help in improving diction and inculcate the art of influencing others, besides enhancing one’s communication skills. Its clientele list includes who-is-who in the present day industry.

Medha Language Theatre

The brainchild of Dr Chiranjeevi, master trainer and motivator-par-excellence, Medha Language Theatre is the first of its kind in India that utilises the theatre concept to teach Spoken English, Soft Skills and Personality Development. With no formal classroom training, this is a unique paradigm of success that would usher in a winning ‘YOU’.

The cognitive changes that accompany learning of holistic and meaningful communication skills at MLT form part of a life-transforming experience. The Theatre Concept kindles great curiosity among the learners as it introduces new vocabulary and facilitates learning with visual presentations and dramatic enactments.

Training at the Medha Language Theatre leads to complete knowledge, fluency, vocabulary, and syntax of the language, thereby breaking self-imposed psychological barriers that deter one from achieving his best.