Dr Ambaragonda Chiranjeevi, the Founder and Chief Coach of Medha Language Theatre is widely popular as a Trainer-par-Excellence who brings out the best among men and women across various strata of the society. Dr. Chiranjeevi is the proud bearer of the rags-to-riches aura, one which he obtained through a multitude of trials and tribulations that he underwent in his personal and professional spheres. Dr. Chiranjeevi has achieved stupendous success by combining passion and purpose in all walks of life. From modest beginnings in 1994, “Medha” has transformed into a Centre of Excellence for Overall Personality Development under the benign leadership of Dr. Chiranjeevi.


His remarkable services in the field of education have earned him all the awards and appreciations in and around the country. To name a few awards…Best New Jaycee award from Junior chamber international USA, Honorary Doctorate from IOU for complimentary medicine, National award-Shiksha Bharathi Puraskar, Pratibha Bharathi Puraskar, Ugadi Puraskar from Delhi Telugu academy, and appreciations from honorable President of India shri Pranabh Mukharjee, former Prime Minister of India Dr. Manmohan Singh, Former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh and present Governors of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu and Maharashtra.

A self-built person, he endured and overcame many a challenge before he could see his vision transform into reality. Undeterred by hostile circumstances, he pursued his chosen path with infinite zeal and immense patience. The journey from a 'small tuition centre' to a 'state-of-the-art training institute' was a thorn-filled trail, skillfully negotiated by Dr Chiranjeevi, aided by his self-confidence and creativity. These are essentially the qualities he wants to impart to his students. A very successful man now, Dr Chiranjeevi attributes his success to that of his students and his colleagues, and rejoices in their personal victories.


As a part of International Academic Exchange Programs, Dr. Chiranjeevi has visited a number of universities abroad. He was the lone representative from South India and one among the four from India who took part in prestigious study tours in 2006 and 2007 held at West Sussex, Oxford and Birmingham in U.K. organized by the (LECT) League for the Exchange of Common Wealth Teachers to explore good practices in teaching and the use of Information and Technology in education. Dr. Chiranjeevi interacted with experts and educational authorities of the government of U.K. apart from addressing the students and teachers at various schools and colleges in U.K. He took part in the prestigious TASS-2009 Annual International Conference held at Palm Beach Atlantic University, Florida, USA. His presentation on “Language Theatre for Teaching English” won all the appreciation from academicians across the world. He also took part in the prestigious World Congress-2012 of Alternative medicine held at Colombo, SRILANKA. In addition to the young hopefuls, a number of serving professionals spawning various sectors have been trained by him in the past two decades. He is a much sought after motivational speaker and a TV presenter seen frequently on popular TV channels. His corporate clientele list includes who-is-who in the present day industry.


Dr. Chiranjeevi authored a set of five books which will give the student the power to face the world confidently, with immaculate English Communication Skills. The five books have been named after the five elements that make the world we live in---FIRE, WATER, SKY, AIR, EARTH—and present five tools of English. He has also authored a book titled "A to Z English" on English and Personality Development that speaks volumes about his insight into the attitudes of the young learners in particular the English language learners. It is the first of its kind that helps them break all the psychological barriers of effective learning and speaking.


A must read biography, an inspiring success story of Dr. Chiranjeevi “Nene Naa Ayudham” Telugu version written by master writer Yandamoori Veerendranath, has become a sensation by selling 10,000 copies within a period of six months of its publication. It has also been translated and published in Kannada with the title “Nanna Elgege Naane Eni”. His success story has become inspiration to many youngsters to reach greater heights in their lives.